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About Us

Amaranthine Books is a small and independent publishing company dedicated to creating immortal literature in the form that it deserves.

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We make wonderful illustrations, use high quality materials and often utilise handmade details for our books to create truly immortal literature.

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Our Book(s)

Our first project, the famous novella Jekyll & Hyde, comes in two very different editions, each dedicated to a side of the main protagonist(s).

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Our first big one!

In late spring of 2016 our favourite print boutique Cerovski called us to let us know that we won an Inkspiration Award (Best in Publishing category) in Tel Aviv. An exciting award to receive, especially on the first project ever as a publisher; just what we needed to keep us pushing forward.

Our First Book(s)

The first two books published by Amaranthine Books are two editions of the famous novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Jekyll Edition is inspired by the honourable dr. Jekyll, while Hyde Edition is inspired by the twisted mr. Hyde.

Latest Blog Entries

Check out recent stories and experiences of creating immortal literature.

Box and Back Cover (Hyde Edition)

Persistence — Only a Virtue if You’re Not a F*** Up

“Should I give up?”, a question everyone will ask themselves at least once in their lifetime. We asked ourselves the same thing after our first crowdfunding campaign went down in flames. After some thinking and talking we decided there’s no chance in hell we’re giving up, we believe in the project way too much to...
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The Team

We are book lovers with an eye for design who have joined forces in creating immortal literature.

Marko Matijašević, Creative Director

Marko Matijašević

Creative Director
Svjetlana, Project Manager

Svjetlana Vukić

Project Manager
Mia, Communications Manager

Mia Biberović

Communications Manager